Triberr: How I Increased My Reach To Over 300,000 (And Growing)

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a very interesting tool called Triberr.  Simply
put, Triberr is a way for you to retweet other bloggers posts that you know and trust, and have them potentially do the same for you as well.  You join and/or create “tribes” of those in your network that you feel comfortable associating with, and through those established connections, build a network of individuals that mutually share each other’s content.

At first it may come off as spammy, and that was my first reaction.  But after digging in a bit, I realized that what founders Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan have created is actually a very interesting and useful tool to increase your reach authentically.  While I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with having some of my tweets automated at first, it was quickly negated by the fact that you can dictate who you associate yourself with.  They’ve also added tools that allow you to monitor what is queued to publish giving you the option of deleting it before it hits your stream.

I’m always looking for great content to share on Twitter, so this tool is a win win for me as it supplements my manual content strategy, and also increases exposure to the content I create on my blog in a relevant way.  Triberr is by invite only, but once you can get your hands on one, you have full access to the system.  Initially you are placed in your invited tribe, and then get 3 of your own to manage yourself and each tribe can have up to 7 members in them.  For a full breakdown of how things work, check out a great video they have posted here, and their full FAQ.

If after checking out Triberr you’re interested in an invite, let me know as I have plenty to boot with some strong tribes already in play.  Just send a tweet or email my way and I will send you an invite code.


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