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Small Business Owners And Data Security

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According to a data management company like Delphix, the importance of data protection in our day and age has grown exponentially. Practically everything is moving to the cloud, and at the same time, more and more instances of identity and data theft are happening at an alarming rate. It can get really easy to de-prioritize how you manage your data whether it’s local or cloud based. Azure direct connect cloud has become a popular way to work. Optimize your Azure cloud for cost efficiency, security & best practices, look for Emergent Software services for details.

Most people feel like they are immune to the threats, and small business owners are no different. Options such as Dropbox and OneDrive are great for personal use but don’t offer data protection and automatic back up solutions. When you own a small business, you really need something that is designed to be flexible and grow with your business says Shravan Gupta director of an important business. That’s where an  IT company M18 solutions comes in that is a leading provider of data protection solutions. Organizing information security with the help of a professional cyber security company is about having a deep understanding of IT security risks and how to manage it in a time where threats are evolving and getting more advanced. sapphire technology support its customers in validating their security posture and helps setting up a malware defense and vulnerability management program. You can also consider taking out commercial insurance from the right providers of commercial insurance, of course.

There are plenty of small business stories involving lost data and I’m a perfect example of such in that I just never felt I was ever at risk, but I learned the hard way that it happens. I’ve experienced data loss on hard drives and laptops in my past before moving my data to a cloud based system. It felt more safe to me to have my stuff “protected” by not having it in the cloud, but that approach was the opposite of what I needed to do. Being a content creator, I had quite a bit of documents, video, audio and photos that were lost simply from an external hard drive crashing and being unrecoverable. If you’re interested in reading more about data breaches, you can read about the Easyjet data breach compensation on this site.

In addition, during my time as a small business owner I found myself purchasing frequently on corporate cards on online sites and despite my mild attempts at protecting my financial and personal data, I was hit hard. My personal information was stolen and used to open a corporate credit card in my name. I believe this came from storing personally identifiable information locally as opposed to keeping those things more secure in a cloud based system. That’s what you get if you just keep your data on your laptop with little to no security. Cyber attacks on small to medium sized businesses are more common than ever. By hiring an IT consultant that knows how to handle internet security you will be able to better protect your company against potentially devastating threats. After experiencing both episodes of data loss I’ve moved to a cloud based system for all of my data, and haven’t had any episodes of data loss or identity theft. You can learn more here on how you can better protect your business data.

On the surface having your data backup in the cloud might seem counterproductive to staying safe, but it’s quite the opposite. Cloud solutions like Carbonite are built from the ground up around keeping data safe from all threats such as vindictive ex-employees, accidental deletes, or even acts of nature. While it’s important to use traditional protection such as firewalls and anti-virus programs such as Zonealarm, that just protects your borders. All it takes is one errant click on a bad link by an employee and you’re compromised. Same goes for insurance coverage; important, but insurance is only going to cover replacing systems, not lost data that lived on those systems.

What small business owners need to get right with (and anyone for that matter), is that moving your data to the cloud is the safest, most cost effective way to protect your data not only from theft, but from situations often out of your control. You can also consider contacting a business expert like Andy DeFrancesco who can give you perfect tips and recommendations on how you can establish data security to achieve your business goals. That’s why you should invest in colocation. Visit venyu.com/colocation/ to know more. 

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