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Office For Mac Macworld 2010 Recap

This year’s Macworld 2010 was my first Macworld and it was definitely a different tradeshow experience then I am used to.  For years, I’ve attended the Search Engine Strategies and SMX events and the biggest difference by far is in the audience.  The search shows I’ve attended are much more B2B, with Macworld having a much more consumer feel.  This was very evident in my attempts at doing video recaps like I had done in the past.  At the search shows, EVERYONE wants to be on camera.  At Macworld, not so much.  It was like pulling teeth actually.  We did the best we could, and I’ve embedded our two daily recaps below.  The Day 2 video is a bit more interesting as you actually get some insight into some cool apps and software that were at the show.

What’s been most interesting is seeing the social media plan that I’ve been working on for quite a while go into action.  As of this blog post, the Office for Mac twitter account is closing in on 8,000 followers after a few weeks of going live.  My hope is that they would hit 10,000 by the end of the Mac Office Loves You campaign which wraps up 2/25.  I think they’ll get there.

What suprised me the most though was the Facebook adoption.  Well over 3,300 fans after just a few weeks.  I wasn’t expecting that many that quickly.  Obviously a good thing, and part of that success is certainly the group’s ability to be in the conversations.  So many companies have good intentions and launch, but never back it up with real people and responses.  As long as they keep it up, I anticipate they will continue to build momentum and be able to drive real value through their social media efforts.

It’s been a great run, and I’m wrapping up my time with the group.  I’ve got big news to share in terms of my next move that I hope to share in the next few days.  In the meantime, enjoy the Macworld video goodness below.

And don’t forget you can still enter to win one of two fancy Macbook Pros just by following Office for Mac.

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