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3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Order My First Book

Lots of people say they want to write a book, but most never get around to it. That’s because it’s hard. Damn hard. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and determination to see it through. I’ve had this story in my brain for as long as I can remember. It’s changed, it’s evolved, it’s combined with others, but it’s now ready to be told. I’ve outlined, character developed, plotted, shared, revised..you name it…I’m ready. I’m ready to do this.

But I need your help. I’m partnering with a platform called Publishizer. It’s pretty cool stuff. They allow authors to launch pre-order campaigns in order to gauge interest in book ideas. Think of Kickstarter for books I guess. If I can hit roughly 500 pre-orders, I’ll be able to attract a publisher for my project thus making my dream of publishing a book a much bigger reality.

So why you should you pre-order? Well if you’re family or a friend, hopefully you’re already convinced. If not, or for those who aren’t, try these 3 reasons on for size.

    1. It’s a killer story. I know I know, I’m impartial. But trust me when I say that the hundreds of people I’ve pitched the story to all have the same reaction…I want to read that book (or see that movie). This is a concept I’ve worked on for 10+ years and I believe with every ounce of my being that it will be a great story to read.
    2. Charity. I don’t care about the money on this deal. I just want to hold up a book and be able to say “I WROTE THIS!”. I want to feel that sense of accomplishment. And because of this, I’m donating proceeds of this effort to Holding Hands, an incredible youth homeless shelter in my neck of the woods that helps kids in terrible situations with a safe place to stay while they transition to a better home.
    3. Proving if I can, anyone can. The publishing industry is all over the place, and it’s an incredible mystery and monumental task to try and figure out how a first time author can get published. I’ve learned so much, and while my fate is yet to be determined, I’m confidant I’ll reach the finish line and I have every intention of using my experience as a spring board to teach others of the model that got me there and help them achieve similar goals.

I could go on and on, but the whole purpose of this blog post is the hope that you will click through to my Publishizer Pre Sale page and check it all out. The story, my book trailer, and most importantly, your incredible support in purchasing the book. I promise it will be a fantastic story to read and in the process you’ll be helping me make this a reality and giving to a great cause in the process.

Jason Yormark
I'm a 20 year veteran of digital marketing & the owner and founder of Socialistics, a social media agency based in Seattle. My spare time is filled with writing, baseball, my boys and everything Seattle has to offer.

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