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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: MacBook Air Review After Owning The MacBook Pro

So a few months ago I went into my local Apple store and had the opportunity to play around a bit with the newly launched MacBook Air.  Needless to say it was one sexy piece of hardware, and I of course wanted it badly.  I couldn’t really justify owning both a Pro and Air, so I started to actually do a bit of research on the Air to see if I could function on a machine with less power.  I don’t do a ton of video or graphics work, but I do on occasion and I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t sacrifice the ability to do so on the Air.

After consulting with a few of the folks at the store, and a bit of research on my own, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t miss much in regards to performance based on how I typically use my computer, and opted to trade in for the 13″ MacBook Air.  I’m happy to report, not only have I not missed a step, I actually find the MacBook Air to perform even better.  Here’s the highlights on what I’ve experienced.

1. The hardware is killer. There isn’t a machine on the market that can step toe to toe with this thing.  As expected, the build quality is outstanding.  I still can’t believe they are able to do what they do in such a crazy thin and light machine.  Despite being so lightweight and thin, the machine still feels like a million bucks.  Love the addition of the SD card slot too.

2. Crazy speed. I’m finding applications opening crazy quick.  Even faster then on my MacBook Pro.  I’m sure this has to do with the fact that this machine is a solid state drive, but it’s awesome.  The instant on feature is great too.  I find myself working much more quickly between applications and from off to on.

3. No heat, no noise. This thing barely makes a sound and rarely pumps out any heat ever.  Again, the solid state drive I’m sure is contributing to this, but it’s pretty cool.  With the MacBook Pro, I often found it running hot all the time.

4. Forever Battery. Wow does the battery last a long time.  I can practically get through an entire day doing normal tasks without a charge.  I’ve never considered being able to leave the house without my charger, but this machine might actually allow me to do so.

All the other bells and whistles are similar to the Pro.  Glass multi-touch trackpad, awesome display, stereo speakers, facetime display, etc.  I haven’t missed a beat.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Pro, but the Air is working perfectly for me, and it’s a traveler’s dream.

Big thumbs up to Apple on this one.  I see myself as a longtime user of this model and recommend it to anyone not doing heavy graphics or video work.  Feel free to fire away any questions in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer them if you are looking to buy.

Jason Yormark
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  1. I’m lusting after one of the new Macbook Airs myself, but since my Pro is still perfectly functional, it seems too extravagant. But the Air is so purty and shiny and sleek!

    Maybe if I drop my old laptop on the floor a few times…

    1. Im on MacBook Pro and the next one will likely be Air, so this is awesome. Thnx for the info.

      I dont think I’ll be missing the CD/DVD drive either. I dont remember the last time I used the one on Pro.

      I do use plenty of external storage so that bit wont change either.

      MacBook Air, here I comes 🙂

  2. Jason, you are awesome!!! Thanks a lot for that review. I just have a one question. How does battery life work for you? I’ve read an article that battery life is better than advertised (they got about 11 hours with screen brightness at 50%, connected to WiFi, playing an MP3 in iTunes, and with no Flash player loaded while browsing the web).

    Would you agree with that? What is your personal experience? This is something I am still thinking about, because PRO says up to 10 hours, and I would like to have more than just 5 hours (what many people about AIR said) as I work with that. Thanks buddy for your help. I appreciate it a lot because you’ve changed my mind and helped me a lot so far!!

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the review. It’s very helpful to hear that you can go to this as an “everyday” machine. I’m getting closer to pulling the trigger. One question for you – do you ever hook up an external monitor. I currently use a dual monitor setup and would like to continue to use my 23″ 1080p monitor when I’m at my desk. Any gotcha’s or things to look out for?

  4. I just switched from a PC to MAC. I purchased the Air because everyone I had talked too insisted on it being far better than the PRO. Of course being in sales myself I went to do my own homework, and sure enough all the reviews were the same as what I was being told. And now as I am typing on my glamorous and sleek AIR. I am amazed at how well this thing performs. As I had been a PC owner prior my transition is even more exciting. I go to art school for Fashion Design and I can run multiple Adobe programs at a time with no reaction to it running slower. It being said, this is the hot ticket… It follows me everywhere and my homework load became so much easier. Which is just what this is..easy. And I have hooked up my AIR to my tv and watched movies and actually had sound coming from strictly my computer, and the sound quality is amazing. And battery life in phenomenal. I can go all day without is being charged, and I run photoshop for quite a while. So at this point there is just no comparison to any laptop. The AIR is the choice!!!!!

  5. What about the temperature. Does the new Air get hot if you were watching movies, or browsing sites that use Flash. This would make the decision for my wife to switch from PC.

    1. I actually find the temperature to be cooler then what I experienced with the Pro. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that watching a movie on a disc drive runs hotter then off a flash based hard drive.

  6. What about storage? I upgraded my Pro to a 500 gb HD and with the Air’s max capacity from the store at less than 300 gb I might have to start sifting through my files to see what I can get rid of. Granted, I should do this anyway. I know there are upgrades out there for Airs but I can’t justify paying the cost of a new computer to do this. Trying to decide if I should start cleaning off my Pro to make ready for an Air or not… thoughts?

    1. Well, it’s certainly less, but I utilize cloud storage and an external HD quite frankly and I haven’t found any issues with feeling like the Air keeps me limited.  It all depends on each person though I suppose.  Most of my heavy storage needs like photos, music and video I keep on an external HD regardless.

  7. I bought an air for this exact reason. When I go to meetings it’s amazingly small and light when I’m in the office I plug it into a 24″ screen and a wireless keyboard and mouse and it’s like having a desktop. I run photoshop, dreaweaver and half a doses other things at the same time and it never even blinks!

  8. i m planning to buy an air.
    can i make it boot dually(mac os with windows) and if i can,will it effect its performance anyway??

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