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League Of Awesomeness, Volume 1

For awhile I’ve been wanting to leverage the blog I’ve built up to recognize folks I come across that for whatever are reason, are awesome in who they are or what they do.  It’s hard enough to find great talent, service, or resources in a day and age where we are overwhelmed with information.  Good people are hard to come by, and I feel compelled to share the ones I come across here and there if for no other reason to promote them as they certainly deserve it.  Consider this volume 1 of an ongoing series I plan to use to highlight some of these amazing folks.

Cheryl Couris – Designer Extraordinaire    Blog    Twitter

Cheryl is the best plain and simple.  A great designer, and amazing attitude with everything she does.  She’s helped me on countless occasions including this very blog and more recently my Facebook splash page.  In addition to design work, she’s got a terrific blog worth checking out and an Etsy store where she sells unique creations.

Mitch Horn – Tattoo Genius    Website    Facebook

Yep, I got one last year, and let me tell you, this fella is the real deal.  I lucked out big time hearing about Mitch from a friend at work, and he delivered above and beyond.  I had an idea of what I wanted, and he took it to a ‘whole ‘nother level.  It’s one of my favorite things in the world now, and just like he told me in the chair…I’m already wanting another.  And make no mistake that he’s who I’d go to hands down.  If you are in the Seattle area and ever are considering, don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

Spencer Gates – No B.S. Personal Trainer    Google+    LinkedIn

One of my recent blog posts featured a quote I loved from Spencer, and it pretty much sums up his approach to life and I embrace it…no shortcuts.  I worked with Spencer for awhile off and on, and my wife has since for over a year.  He’s been amazing for both of us, and he’s everything you’d ever want in a personal trainer.  No excuses, crazy knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and a natural communicator.  Again, if you’re in the area, look him up first.

Know of anyone who deserves to be in the League of Awesomeness?  Would love to hear in the comments.

Jason Yormark
I'm a 20 year veteran of digital marketing & the owner and founder of Socialistics, a social media agency based in Seattle. My spare time is filled with writing, baseball, my boys and everything Seattle has to offer.


  1. Jerry Cornelius. He deserves his own league. It’s gotta be all about Jerry (aka John Magnet Bell and @StartYourNovel on Twitter). No one else is in that league.

    Check out Jerry’s kung fu. It’s scary and it’s wonderful. And notice his crazy eyes. Did you know that they glow in the dark like Sith eyes?


    He also flashes for the fun of it. He’s got a trench coat with 5,000 pockets of flash fiction.


  2. Jason, I love that you shared with us your League of Awesomeness, it will be a great series. Of course they are awesome, they are mostly from the Seattle area, if not all! What a great resource for me since I live in the area as too. It is so rewarding for me to recognize others. Too often people only receive complaints or negativity, and it is so refreshing to give out praises instead! Looking forward to Volume 2! Lisa from Triberr

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know these posts won’t drive huge traffic, but I like using my platform and the audience I have to hopefully drive some awareness of some really great and talented folks.

  3. Hi Jason! I am Amber-Lee… I am sorry I have never said hello before, I have been here, of course! This is very nice, your League of Awesomeness. Thank you for allowing us to make note of those that have been so Awesome in our lives as well. That is just cool.

    Ok! I would like to start with someone who has been right next to me (online) since my very beginning.

    Ann Jane, a very wonderful lady @equuisdancer who has just recently started her own blog, Willy Nilly, This and That. If you have not had the opportunity to meet her or chat in passing, it is very worth your effort. She is certainly one of my blessings, daily. http://equuisdancer.blogspot.com/

    @carpathia16 is Carolyn Nicander Mohr if her site, The Wonder of Tech. I am certainly not inclined to learn more about anything of “tech” than I have to, (yeah, yeah..) but Carolyn makes it easy (really) for even me, to learn AND enjoy the process. http://www.wonderoftech.com/

    Betsy Cross who is probably going to win some sort of award for the absolutely nicest, most genuine and sneakily funny person on the internet someday. She is @ElizabethKCross and her Blog is Remember…A Family History Blog. http://betsycross.blogspot.com/

    …Don’t worry, Jason, I wont keep going as you have most likely surmised I could! I am so grateful for these people, and so many more for helping me find my way and just being there, to LOL me or to say hello in passing.. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. I belong to the MOST awesome tribe on Triberr…bunch of crazy, funny, peculiar and talented NUTS! Taylor made for me from up above!!
    Actually I was just #FF Tweeting them so you get a copy of that. If it weren’t for them where would I be? You see they all posted my bail. Such sweeties.

    @carpathia16 @Yogizilla @Faryna @StartYourNovel @@bdorman264 @mytimematters @mylifestylemax @hannibal666 @bonnie67 @GirlyGrizzly @equuisdancer

    There you have it. The awesome bunch!

  5. I just visited http://www.siriuspress.com/studio/2012/02/john-magnet-bell-photographer/ and it was incredible. I have known Mr Bell for a short time but had no idea the depth of his talent. It is freakin’ incredible. http://www.startyournovel.com/2012/02/ushuaia-tierra-del-fuego-2012.html

    I would be remiss if I didn’t include our chief Stan the Man who does all the heavy lifting more times than not. He is truly super: http://stanfaryna.wordpress.com/

    And finally, the true Wonder of Tech, Ms Carolyn herself who is truly awesome as well. http://www.wonderoftech.com/

    This is my awesome all star lineup.

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