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Groupon 2.0: Deal Personalization

I’m a big fan of the local deal craze.  It’s really such a great concept and simple.  One great deal apersonalizeddeals day, take it or leave it.  So many reasons it works well.  Consumers aren’t slammed with all kinds of things to buy every day, and businesses get one day exclusives on eyeballs and potential new customers.  It’s a win-win, and the craze is growing fast.  I also keep my eyes on Living Social and Tippr to name a few.

Groupon is taking it to another level today with deal personalization.  The idea is to give consumers deals that are more tailored to their interests, but more importantly (in Groupon’s case), the ability to sign on more businesses.  It gives Groupon the ability to showcase more advertisers each day, without breaking the formula too much.  It will be interesting to see just how well the implementation works.  As it stands, it’s pretty basic just asking for some localizing questions, but over time I would imagine more personalized profiling will take place to really zero in on each consumer’s needs/wants.

Either way, if you’re a local business and haven’t looked into it yet, you should really check out Groupon, Living Social or Tippr ASAP and think about getting your name out there through these channels.  It’s a great opportunity to drive new customers and increase loyalty.

Jason Yormark
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