Back From The Dead: Updates From The Blog Grave

Oh man have I neglected my blog.  No excuses really, just so busy with a variety of things, and I haven’t really thought of any topics that inspired me lately.  Therefore I’ll use this re-awakening as an opportunity to update all those that care (probably like 2 or 3 readers, of which 1 or 2 are probably bots).

New Job

Started a new gig back in March.  I’m a Senior MVP Lead for Microsoft Office.  Fancy way of saying IMVP_FullColor_ForScreen manage the group of individuals that are professionally certified on the Office platform, and are the community leaders who provide insight, guidance, training, etc.  I’m their point person for the company.  It’s a pretty unique job, and I’m still trying to get my sea legs.  It will be awhile, and it’s certainly put the brakes on quite a bit of my social media involvement.  However I’ve got to get back on that bus, I miss it.

New Idea

I’m always going to be entrepreneurial in nature, and I finally got around to getting started on an ideaAdultAthletecD05aR00aP01ZL_mdm I’ve had for quite some time.  I just finished reading Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk, and while I didn’t learn a ton, it was a bit inspiring, especially reading about his rise to the top.  The key takeaway for me was sticking to the premise of making sure whatever you dedicate your time to, is something you are passionate about.  You can’t fake that.  So I decided to work on launching, a website that will be dedicated for adults who continue to compete in the amateur ranks.  Those that love sport, compete, and live a life of activity.  The site aims to be a place with rich content on a variety of sports, nutrition, equipment, etc., all geared for the 18+ demographic.  Still in the early stages, but I certainly plan to share my journey here as it continues to develop.  Be sure to visit the site for more info, or follow on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Tech Ed 2010 – New Orleans

I’m headed to Microsoft Tech Ed next week in New Orleans.  Never been to this event or the area.  Should be interesting as I don’t consider myself a very “techy” person, coming more from a Marketing background.  Regardless I always love to visit new areas, and I look forward to meeting a new group of people in a different part of the business.  Plus I get to put my video hat back on a help out with some interviews again.  More to share as I’m there next week.

That’s it for now.  I hope to get back on the blogging wagon, and share my insights on social media, community building etc. shortly.  Thanks for anyone that actually has stuck around!

More to come!

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