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5 Tips To Book A Baller Vegas Trip Affordably That You Haven’t Heard

Okay, maybe not celebrity baller, but there are ways to experience an upgraded Vegas experience. I love Vegas. I do. It’s not for everyone. But for me, 2 times a year is standard. There’s just something about a city that’s always on. It’s a place I can go and really do whatever the hell I want and not have to worry about it. The ultimate adult playground.

There was actually a time where you could practically get everything super cheap and free, Unfortunately those times have changed quite a bit. Vegas is much more touristy. In fact, over the years I’ve seen more and more kids in Vegas, and venues/attractions are building out accommodating such. With gambling becoming less of a centerpiece, naturally the perks that once were available are not so as much. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some creative ways to save a few bucks and still make out like a bandit. So to kick off my new approach and design to this blog, I’m writing what’s fresh in my mind and sharing some kick ass tips to rock Vegas affordably. These are just a few examples I’ve actually used. I’m sure there are plenty of others, but you can take these ones to the bank.

Nerd Out On MyVegas

Whether you play games on Facebook or your thing is online gambling in california, then your phone really matters. If Vegas is a frequent destination for you, this is a game worth checking out for one simple reason; you earn free shit in Vegas. MyVegas is simply slots. You can play on Facebook or on your mobile device and they both share the same synched up account. Simply by checking in once a day or so, you can earn free chips, and use those chips to play slot games at any Wizard Slot Promotions slots machine. Those slot games earn you loyalty points which can then be redeemed for real Vegas stuff. Meals, booze, shows, etc. However it takes quite a bit of patience. They just don’t give everything away. You’ll have to devote some time to earn any real rewards, but the fact that the game is free and easy to access anywhere, make it a great time killer. The lady friend and I simply would play sitting in front of the TV, or waiting in line for whatever. Usually just by doing this, we can cut our dining bills in half for 2 trips to Vegas alone.

Book Accommodations Through Independent Owners

Figured this one out on our last trip checking https://www.vegasguy.com/hotels/. We saved almost 30% and no resort fees by finding our suite through an independent owner on VRBO. Sites like this and airbnb are great places to find some accommodations that otherwise would cost much more. Sure, many properties don’t offer this as an option, but plenty do, and if you’re flexible about where you stay, this is a great way to save some loot. Plus nothing feels better than not having to pay some ridiculous resort fee for things you never use.

Skip The Lines In Da Club

I learned the hard way that the club scene has passed me by, but that doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone. And nothing sucks more than having to wait hours in line to get in. The fact is, with a little planning and a few extra bucks, you don’t have to. You’ll read all kinds of articles about how you can do anything from talking security into letting you in, to contacting someone at the club, but the fact is, these are all dead ends for most folks. I’m just a regular guy with no connections, and I found 2 sure fire ways to make it happen. First option is to simply hire a VIP service to help you skip the lines. There are a handful of services like this, but the one that I found that actually seemed legit was VIP Night. I only list them here because a person actually called me in Vegas and offered a few options where he’d meet us at the club to skip the lines. But we went with option 2 which involved booking dinner at a restaurant attached to a club (in this case Hakkasan). Not all clubs have this, but the ones that do will usually let you skip the line if you book dinner there. We had to eat anyway, so we did, and were able to get into the club through the back. Very cool.

Get A Frequent Players Card & Gamble A Little

I’ve never been much of a gambler. However slot machines are like video games these days, so they’re kind of fun just to play now. After a couple trips of dropping a few hundred dollars here and there and using my MGM card, I found some pretty sweet offers hitting my email inbox. Free shows, meals, even comped rooms, and I’m no high roller by any means. I’ve easily received more discounts in the offers I’ve received then any money I’ve plunked down on gambling. Just by playing a little, you’ll open yourself up to some pretty sweet deals. I dig MGM’s mLife for no other reason than they have a shit ton of properties so you can go just about anywhere and use the same card.

Get A Pool Cabana You Can Actually Afford

If you’re the kind of folk that likes to hit the pools for some fun in the sun, you know how much of a pain in the rear it can be to secure chairs. If you don’t need to rock out at the day club pools, check out some of the pools at the resorts that have the more laid back crowd. Properties like The Signature, Delano, etc. On a recent trip I was able to score a pool cabana for only $300 for a Saturday. Spend a few hundred bucks on food and drinks and they knock it down 25%. That’s not too bad for a guaranteed spot with a TV, refrigerator, etc.

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