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5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps

There aren’t too many great social networking apps for the iPad, but I havehootsuite-ipad found a select few that I find myself using on a regular basis.  Below is the list that I use regularly that cover using Twitter, Facebook, blogging, news consumption and social/web stats.

  1. Hootsuite (free) – Still my personal favorite Twitter client, and if you are using this on your phone or computer, it makes sense to stay consistent.
  2. Friendly For Facebook (free) – I can’t believe that Facebook has not created an iPad app yet, but in the meantime, Friendly does a great job of providing a nice user interface that is still better then the browser experience.
  3. WordPress (free) – Invaluable app to manage your WordPress blog to manage posts, comments and pages.
  4. Pulse (free) – I really love the UI for this newsreader.  It just seems like a great use of the tablet form factor as I find myself consuming much more content with their approach.  Synchs with Google Reader which is a major plus and easy to share articles to your networks.
  5. Ego ($2.99) – It’s not the most robust web/social analytics offering, but what it lacks in depth, it makes up for in simplicity and ease of use.  Sometimes it’s great just to get some high level information about your web and social stats.  Fantastic UI, and crazy easy to use.

Bonus Shout Out: Just launched yesterday, the Bing iPad app is crazy good.  It’s ironic that some of the best stuff that is coming out of Microsoft these days is their iOS products.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to download and give it a spin.

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