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5 80s Movies That Absolutely Needed A Sequel

It’s no secret I’m a child and fan of the 80s. I love just about everything that came out of that decade, and if given the option to go back in some sort of afterlife, that’s my first stop. Movies are a funny thing. Most of us have ones that we absolutely love…especially ones we grew up with, but often are not as embraced as much from a new era.

Being a lover of all things 80s AND movies, I got to thinking about a handful of 80s movies that never got a sequel that in my opinion really should.

  1. Goonies – #1 on this list without a doubt. Talk about a no brainer! Practically beloved by everyone, it just makes too much sense for a sequel here. I know there have been talks about it, but I still can’t believe this hasn’t happened. It’s not like the cast turned into superstars. I would imagine most if not all that are still around would do this in a heart beat. There’s so much money to be made here between original fans along with their kiddos? C’mon already!
  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I’ve thought about this one forever. Seriously? It’s quite simple. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Work”. Done. Another no brainer concept I can’t believe hasn’t happened. It’s probably too late for this one now.
  3. Weird Science – Another one of those channel flipper movies that always stays on when found. There’s so many ways this could have worked, many of which have passed with every year gone by. You still could do something here that could be hilarious. Definitely bring back Gary & Wyatt¬†but not so sure about Lisa.
  4. The Breakfast Club – This one might be a bit of a stretch, but not totally out of the realm of possibility. Maybe it has to do with their kids? Or maybe some twist of fate has them all getting in some other sort of trouble that has them brought back together again. Either way, this could have worked. Maybe more so a few years after the fact.
  5. Breakin 2 “Electric Boogaloo” – Okay okay okay. You’re probably thinking WTF? Breakin 2?! One of my guilty pleasures. I grew up in an apartment complex in the 80s, and we regularly busted out the cardboard boxes and break danced regularly. I LOVED this movie as a kid, and for no other reason then that, I still do. The reason I think Breakin 3 is a no brainer is the huge success of dance movies since then, especially the Step Up series. I can’t believe they didn’t dust this one off and get Ozone, Turbo and Kelly back in the mix! I can dream.

Those are my top 5. What 80s movies do you think could have had a sequel made that didn’t?



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