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Book Crowdfunding: 7 Tips That Helped Me Pre-Sell 250+ Books

book crowdfunding

2017 was the year I finally figured out how to get my first book written. For someone that has never written a book, and no expectations of making anything on it, I really needed help in kicking my ass to see it through. For me, I needed accountability. I needed to feel like I HAD to write this book so that I could stick through the daily grind of writing everyday even though that was not my full time job.

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MoviePass – Industry Disruption At It’s Best

Yesterday I stumbled across what seemed to be a too good to be true deal. $9.95/month for unlimited movies in theaters (up to 1x per day), useable at all major theatre chains (which covers 91% of US based theaters). MoviePass has been around for awhile offering consumers a similar deal, but closer to $30-$50/month which can still be a good deal for movie going enthusiasts. But at $9.95/month, it’s downright a steal. My skepticism certainly kicked in, but felt it was

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5 80s Movies That Absolutely Needed A Sequel

It’s no secret I’m a child and fan of the 80s. I love just about everything that came out of that decade, and if given the option to go back in some sort of afterlife, that’s my first stop. Movies are a funny thing. Most of us have ones that we absolutely love…especially ones we grew up with, but often are not as embraced as much from a new era. Being a lover of all things 80s AND movies, I

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5 Things I Did That Finally Worked With Weight Loss

I’ve punished my body. I know I have. 40+ years of shoving god knows what in my mouth hole was certainly going to catch up with me at some point right? Weight loss was never an issue for me. Growing up I was pretty much a skinny kid with a mutant metabolism. I literally would burn more calories then I would consume just from the motion of eating. But just like anything with old age, that changes quickly when you

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BenQ 27″ Monitor PD2710QC Review

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work with the BenQ 27″ Designer Monitor PD2710QC in conjunction with my 15″ Macbook Pro (late 2016 model). I’ve been looking for a somewhat higher end larger monitor that had simple connectivity and lo and behold BenQ coincidentally reached out to me to test and review the model. The following is my unbiased and thorough review of what I loved, liked and didn’t like in my time testing out the monitor.

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