Jason Yormark


In 2017 I finally was able to cross off a major bucket list item when I published my first book MIRRORS. This story was a labor of love and one that was developed over many years. MIRRORS was actually born out of a desire to create a story/movie that would appeal to both men and women. Growing up I was always frustrated that their weren’t enough movies that appealed to both…thus MIRRORS was born. While MIRRORS is wrapped in a thriller/sci-fi approach, at its core, it is a love story. My hope is that someday I can see it turned into a movie or television series. I know, lofty dreams, but ultimately, my goal was reached in seeing it in print.


: 1971 – It’s a clear sunny day in a New York park as families and children enjoy the day. A mother and father tend to their son as their younger daughter strays off away from the park drawn to a figure in the distance. Before either parent realizes, she is mysteriously gone, nowhere to be found. Present Day – Every year, thousands of people go missing with no explanation, often never to be found. For Blake Collier, losing his wife Casey…with no answers, was not an option. Blake is determined to find those answers, leveraging every resource available to him. Along the way, Blake discovers the shocking truth to not only his wife’s disappearance, but to practically every missing person from the last 50 years. MIRRORS is the story of one man’s journey from a seasoned, war-torn life of killing to one of love and compassion; only to be forced back into his old ways to get back the only thing he’s ever loved. Getting Casey back will take Blake further and farther than his training has ever taken him and force him to question everything he knows and has come to learn.

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