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The How & Why I Re-Designed My Blog

For months I wanted to have my blog re-done, but I could never justify spending that much on something that quite frankly, didn’t really make me any money.  Great design costs quite a bit, and I just never felt my blog design was a high enough priority.  Of course I could go the free or premium theme route, but these...

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5 Steps To A Professional Grade Blog On A Budget

While there are quite a few “free” options when it comes to starting a blog, sometimes you want a little more then what they can offer, especially if you are wanting to get serious about building a professional grade blog.  The great news is that these days, even a great looking, unique blog doesn’t have to come with a hefty...

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Mobilize Your WordPress Blog!

I could spew all the stats about mobile browser usage, but the cold hard facts are that more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the web.  It’s just a matter of time before it eclipses normal computer usage. So is your WordPress blog mobilized?  Mine really wasn’t.  So I took an hour or so...

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