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Commenting Etiquette 101

One of the things I’ve loved about blogging is getting to see the growth of comments on my blog over the years.  I’m always incredibly thankful for those that actually take the time to leave their thoughts on my blog posts, and it makes it that much more inspiring for me to continue to write here.  I make practically no money...

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How 1 Blog Post Increased My Klout Score

I know what you’re thinking; big deal right?  I know.  It’s not a big deal at all really.  But I did find it very interesting based on my particular circumstances, and I thought sharing might be useful in some way to some of my readers. So I went on a blog hiatus for a few weeks, and it certainly made a significant impact on...

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Hot Off The Press Social Media Tips

Boy it can be a challenge to consistently come up with compelling blog articles, and luckily today, I stumbled across a few real gems I just had to share.  My true north is always trying to write things that I feel are helpful and not just blogging to blog. That being said you owe it to yourself to check out Lori Taylor’s...

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How Do You Define Blogging Success?

My blog often stresses me out. As much as I enjoy writing and actually having a decent audience that actually reads what I write, it’s definitely become part of my regular routine.  What was once just an occasional hobby has grown into more of a responsibility now that I have established a bit of an audience.  I’m...

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