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The Blogging Blueprint: Strategies For Success

The Blogging Blueprint: Strategies For Success

Did you know that according to a Content Plus study, 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site?

It’s no secret that search engines LOVE blog content. Websites with blogs inherently create a platform that lends itself to regularly updated content, and those that do it successfully, typically rank higher than their counterparts that do not. Users have also spoken as well as more and more people get their news and information from such. 77% of of internet users read blogs (IgniteSpot).

Despite all of this however, only 5% of blogs ever amount to anything and that’s where this session comes in. We’ll provide actionable strategies and tactics that anyone can implement into their existing marketing efforts. Through real world examples, and step by step tutorials, users will walk away from this session with knowledge they will be able to implement right away that will increase their site’s search visibility, grow audience size and trust, and in many cases increase business.


  1. How To Effectively Title Blogs Using Keyword Research – One of the most overlooked tactics in blogging is taking the time to effectively use the right keywords in your blog titles. We’ll go over how just using a few minutes of research can result in blog posts that rise to the top of search engines.
  2. Why Blog Format Matters – People don’t spend a ton of time reading online. We’ll talk about effective blog formats that drive readership and shareability.
  3. Images Are Everything – We’ll talk about why imagery is so important to effective blog posts, and how you can effectively find such legally.
  4. Content Strategy – Without thinking ahead and having a game plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ll talk about how to manage your blog in a way that compliments your existing workload, and doesn’t feel like too much as well as how to effectively identify what to write about.
  5. Engage – An effective blog doesn’t happen by just posting content. You’ve got to get in the blog game. In addition to the common social media sharing, we’ll talk about how to create additional awareness of your blog, and how to effectively engage with others to help promote.
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