About Me

My Story

My business cards typically say things like Director of Marketing, or some variation of.

But I’m much more. In addition to 20+ years of marketing, I’m an entrepreneur, a blogger, a social media strategist, technical geek and weak to anything with the word “new” slapped on it.

I believe in the power of branding and the need for companies to have the patience to build it authentically.

Buyers make decisions based on emotion & trust, not features or benefits. When a company or organization can move you, captivate you, engage with you, TRUST YOU, they buy from you. Every time.

I help companies connect with buyers in this way. I build high performing, motivated strategies & teams that create memorable, engaging, sustainable results.

My specialties include traditional & digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, search marketing, marketing analytics, recruiting & hiring, people management, brand development, writing, public speaking, presentations & 80s trivia.

Here’s my resume if you’re into that sort of thing…