I have to admit, I’m a WordPress theme junkie.  I’m fascinated with the art of blog design, and I often find myself spending too much time browsing some of the industry leading WordPress theme sites.  My personal favorite site these days is certainly Themeforest as they have a tremendous variety of themes available.

I’m also guilty of growing bored with my theme design on about a yearly basis.  But rightfully so I believe.  Last year I paid a pretty penny for a custom site that initially I really liked, but just like anything, times change.  After a year of blogging, and watching the blogging landscape evolve, I felt the itch to update my look and feel again.  However I wasn’t interested in shelling thousands of dollars on blog that doesn’t really drive any income for me.  So I took to the web to find my next design.

This time around I had very specific wants when it came to choosing a new theme & direction to work with.  These included:

  1. I wanted a theme that was a bit more minimilist.  One that focused on the content, and less on everything else.
  2. I wanted a theme that was coded clean, and supported a design and features that would make the site less dependent on plugins.
  3. I wanted a theme with a strong community and support so I could have access to the help I needed with customizations and technical issues.
  4. I wanted to stray away from a 3rd party commenting system to improve performance, stability, and to be able to integrate the CommentLuv plugin which I also highly recommend.  CommentLuv encourages more comments through dofollow links and the ability to give commenters the option of promoting their blog links as part of the comment.

After hours of browsing, I found what I was looking for and what I believe to be one of the finest WordPress theme frameworks on the web; the Standard Theme.  The Standard Theme met all my requirements and more.  I spent a few weeks playing around with the theme on another domain, familiarizing myself with everything, and within a few days I was convinced I had made the right choice for a variety of reasons including:

  1. The theme is incredibly easy to use and has a terrific admin panel that makes the entire customization process idiot proof.
  2. The support and community are terrific.  It’s a thriving community and the forums have practically every answer to any question you might have.  Support is incredibly responsive and helpful as well.
  3. This theme is super clean and fast.  My blog now loads much faster.
  4. I’m down to only having to use 2 plugins as all my other needs are met right within the theme framework including SEO, social sharing and advertising support.

These are just a few of the great features of this theme.  They have 2 versions you can purchase the first being a $49 version that basically includes just the theme and no support/community access or upgrades, but if you seriously consider this theme, I would just go with the $99 full version. I initially purchased the $49 version, and quickly upgraded as I was thrilled with the theme and wanted the support.

I rarely dedicate an entire blog post around a product or service, and when I do, it comes highly recommended.  I anticipate using the Standard Theme for a long time to come despite any design changes I plan to incorporate.  If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll be more then happy to answer.