One of the things I’ve loved about blogging is getting to see the growth ofblog-commenting2-300x244 comments on my blog over the years.  I’m always incredibly thankful for those that actually take the time to leave their thoughts on my blog posts, and it makes it that much more inspiring for me to continue to write here.  I make practically no money off of my blog, so my efforts here are strictly authentic in being helpful, entertaining and to connect with as many people as I can.

However with more comments comes more questionable responses.  I’ve gotten my fair share, and it got me thinking about comment etiquette.  I suppose there are no hard fast rules per say when it comes to commenting on blogs, but I do believe there are at least some unwritten ones that I believe in.

1. Using Your Real Name – Don’t hide behind a moniker or nickname.  By using your real name, you instantly gain credibility and respect regardless of whether you are critical in your response or not.

2. Avoid Self Promotion – Most commenting systems inherently are set up so that you get a link back to your site already.  Don’t leave comments just to promote yourself or business, and certainly do not post using keyword speak just to gain attention.

3. Don’t Be A Grammar Nazi! – This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  People that just troll and leave comments pointing out your grammar mistakes or misspellings are the worst.  If you really care about it, privately message the person, don’t grandstand and try to make yourself sound like Mr./Ms. Smarty Pants.

4. Leave Meaningful Responses – Another thing you see quite a bit of is people leaving comments just to increase backlinks (see #2).  Don’t comment just to comment.  Leave meaningful responses and contribute to the conversation rather then just saying “Great blog post!!!!”.

5. Respond To Commenters – If you own a blog, respond to those that take the time to comment.  I always try to respond to all comments on my blog not only to thank them for doing so, but to contribute to the conversation.

I’m sure there are plenty more commenting pet peeves out there.  Feel free to share yours in the comments which I of course will respond to!