I was disappointed.  No doubt about it.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating the next iteration of the iPhone seeing it was a 15 month window since iPhone 4.  There was so much speculation as to what was going to be announced it was practically impossible to know what to expect.  I thought for sure we’d see something ground breaking with how quickly the competition was closing the gap.  Not so much the case.

Sure the improved performance enhancements are great along with the camera upgrade and voice recognition software, but are any of these anything to get that excited about?  I was really hoping for some improved form factors.  Thinner profile, larger screen?  Those are the areas I was looking most forward to but no dice.

It doesn’t go without notice that it’s probably a little unrealistic to expect Apple to reinvent the iPhone every single year.  The iPhone 4s is of course a great phone period.  I think where I was most surprised is more around the fact that I felt with all the added pressure of competitors heating up, I was really expecting Apple to pull out some heavy hitting features.  Public opinion seems to agree.

Can’t imagine that I would move to another headset, but I’d be lying if a few of them weren’t appealing to me.  Would love to hear from some of you your opinion as well as any of you that have been iPhone users who have switched to something else.