I’ve written on my blog for quite some time, and I’ve had a mild amount of backlinks-freesuccess with it depending on how you define success.  I’m fairly happy with the level of engagement I get, and I get a nice size audience somewhat regularly when I actually find the time to post on a regular basis.  My Google Page Rank was hovering quite nicely at 6 for quite some time, but dropped to 4 in the past few weeks.  My Alex rank continues to climb a bit as I’m dancing in the 300,000 range.  But where I’ve been terrible at and continue to be is with my back links on pretty much all the engines.

For whatever reason, I have a hell of a time getting my articles linked to more often.  I feel that I write fairly useful and/or entertaining blog posts that most seem to find interesting or helpful.  But somewhere I’m missing the boat on getting those blog posts referenced more often.  I’ve never claimed to be that much of an expert when it comes to SEO strategy and backlinks, but I’ve started to really pay attention to this and ask around on how to best improve this.  These are some of the steps I’m initially taking to hopefully improve my situation.

Content Syndication – I’ve got my content currently being syndicated on sites such as Social Media Today & Business2Community.  What I didn’t realize is that the automated process which both use to grab your content do not properly format the author footer in a way that attributes your site that the search engines “like”.  Big props to my colleague Garth O’Brien who pointed this out to me.  Once I realized this, I asked the folks at B2C to switch over to a manual submission process, and I went and updated my profile box on Social Media Today so that my articles get the right attributions so I score that link juice.

Ask And You Shall Receive – I know this is pretty much a no brainer, but I just figured it was time to find quality bloggers and ask for link exchanges.  The key here is to not just blindly find folks with strong blogs and ask for an exchange, but really spend some time to read and engage with like minded folks, and then politely ask.  I find simply linking to them first and pointing this out makes it more likely they will reciprocate.

Actively Commenting – It’s hard enough to find the time to actually write on my blog let alone find time to engage on others, but it’s really an important part of the whole process if you’re serious about building out your own blog.  I never just comment just to comment, but I definitely try to ensure I leave a few comments per day on articles I find interesting.  I’m not entirely sure it’s a huge deal as it pertains to contributing to increasing my back links, but I’m told it’s a contributing factor.

I would love for those of you that have had success with this to share in the comments section so that I could potentially write a follow up post on some additional strategies that are effective.