For months I wanted to have my blog re-done, but I could never justify spending that much on something that quite frankly, didn’t really make me any money.  Great design costs quite a bit, and I just never felt my blog design was a high enough priority.  Of course I could go the free or premium theme route, but these days, they are all really looking quite the same and if I was going to change things up, I really wanted something unique that no one else could have.

Once I got the new job at Strategies 360, I felt the time was right.  My blog has opened up countless doors for me, so even though it does not directly make money for me, it most certainly indirectly does.  The time I’ve spent on this blog has certainly contributed to my success professionally.  I found a great designer by simply researching WordPress theme designers on Google that was priced well, and had a great portfolio.

If you’re ever considering a custom design, there are some great steps I recommend to ensure you end up getting what you really want.

  1. Take the time to find a designer who’s portfolio resonates with you.  Chances are if you really like the sites they’ve designed, they possess a style that will match your likes.
  2. Be VERY specific about what you want.  I actually took additional time to create a list of blogs that I loved, and what specifically I liked about them.  This cut down tremendously on the mock-up back and forth.  In fact, my designer practically nailed it on the first try.
  3. Get multiple quotes from desired designers.  The business is always up and down and depending on when you hit a designer, he may be willing to take less if work is scarce, but don’t nickel and dime.  A great designer is worth every penny and too often this talent is under appreciated.

However if the price tag always seems too high, your next best bet are from resources like, and, 2 of my favorite premium theme sites.

I’m happy with version 1 of my new site and would love your feedback.  I look forward to writing more and taking advantage of the new outfit.