One of the most frustrating things I experience on a regular basis is bad website UI.  The worst443014_f496 thing about it is that most times, websites do them on purpose to increase click-throughs or drive traffic to their websites.

1. Paged Lists.  I’m a fan of lists, who isn’t.  They are easy to read, usually generate high traffic, and make collecting your thoughts easier. Check Tampa SEO company to get some ideas. But what drives me nuts is websites that actually put each item on it’s own page making you click through every one to read the entire article.  The premise here is simple.  The website owner is trying to increase their page views, which in theory, increases the value of their ad space.  It’s an awful user experience, and I usually turn away anytime I come across one.

2. Walled Content.  Unless your charging for your content (and justifiably so), don’t make users register on your site to access content.  We already have enough logins and passwords to manage, and don’t need any more.  Exception here is if you use Facebook Connect or the Twitter API to allow users to use their existing social media profiles to log in.

3. Opening Links In New Windows.  Ugh, I don’t need you to control my browsing experience.  If I want to open a new window, I’ll take care of mmmm’kay?  Usually some websites will have external links open new windows, but the biggest perpetrators are the ones who actually feel like opening new browser windows for the same site is a good user experience.  Ummmmm, no.

4. Pop Overs/Unders.  This is just uncalled for.  Seriously, you want to monetize your site?  Fine, slap some ads on the actual page, but don’t litter our screens with pop up ads.  In addition to being a terrible user experience, the click through rate on these types of ads is beyond abysmal.  Not even worth it.

5. Splash Pages/Ad Intros.  I don’t need an official announcement to your site, I already know where I’m going, and I definitely am not interested in an ad before visiting either, I get enough of that on TV.

Those are my top 5 website pet peeves. Don’t want to get into that situations? Consider to hire the best site developers!