My Blog Monetization Results

About a month ago I decided I wanted to test out ads on my blog to see what kind of return I would get by devoting some right sidebar space for a medium sized ad.  I was a bit leery about the idea, but figured it was worth a shot seeing as my blog traffic had reached a point where I thought the return could be worth it.  I decided to go with Social Spark (IZEA) since they offered a model that pays on impressions rather then click-throughs.  I knew the return probably wouldn’t be as high as a click-through model, but I figured it was a good starting point.

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Have You Been A Victim Of Grouponitude?

I’m as guilty as anyone for being sucked into the group buying frenzy.  Hey, a deal is a deal.  Of course I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all those massages and laser hair removals.

Lately however I’ve noticed a growing trend when using one of these deals that actually has me wanting to not purchase or use them anymore.  Grouponitude.  What is Grouponitude you ask?

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Do You Make The Most Of Your Opportunities?

It can be amazing where and when inspiration can strike.  Most times you never see it coming.  For me this past weekend, I was fortunate to experience it with my own son at his last basketball game.

Basketball is my son’s secondary sport if you will, so he’s more of a middle of the pack kid when it comes to his skill level and experience.  The season had its fair share of challenges between an agressive, loud coach, a team full of the smallest and most inexperienced kids, and frustrating losses.  All things considered, we kept our son interested and as upbeat as we could.  He played great defense all year, but didn’t have too many opportunities to score many points as the majority of the shots would be taken by the point guards which he was never given the opportunity to play.

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My Blog Monetization Experiment

Yep.  That’s an ad over there on the right.  Have I succumbed to the temptation of ads on my blog?!?!  Well, at least for a bit the way I see it.  Consider it a test of sorts, an experiment of which the results I intend to share transparently.

Let’s be honest, monetizing blogs is no new secret.  In fact most blogs do this very thing through display ads, affiliate links, or sponsored posts.  If handled well, there’s nothing wrong with it don’t you think?  The hard work of those putting great free content out certainly deserves the opportunity to earn a few bucks in the process.  The key is making it relevant and subtle.

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League Of Awesomeness, Volume 1

For awhile I’ve been wanting to leverage the blog I’ve built up to recognize folks I come across that for whatever are reason, are awesome in who they are or what they do.  It’s hard enough to find great talent, service, or resources in a day and age where we are overwhelmed with information.  Good people are hard to come by, and I feel compelled to share the ones I come across here and there if for no other reason to promote them as they certainly deserve it.  Consider this volume 1 of an ongoing series I plan to use to highlight some of these amazing folks.

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Pinterest For Dudes

Okay, okay, guilty as charged for jumping on the blogging about Pinterest bandwagon this week, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t chime in right?  But at least I’m taking a unique angle by trying to be a little more helpful for the gents out there as it pertains to the most recent social darling, Pinterest.

I’ve been kicking the tires a bit on Pinterest the past few weeks, and it’s definitely something I’m finding more and more pinteresting (that just happened).  I do find myself spending time just browsing through all kinds of stuff, looking for interesting things that catch my eye whether it’s cool gadgets, food, style, etc.  However one important Pinterest lesson that contradicts all other social networks…do not follow everyone.  I made that mistake and my page pulls up a smorgasbord of wedding, women’s fashion, jewelry, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I find mild interest in many of those things, but I want to focus on the the things that I’m actually connected to, and the only real way to do that right now is to stick to following like minded folks.  I’m actually starting to collect some of these things and can see how this will be useful to me.

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