Best Managed WordPress Hosting? WPEngine. No Contest.

managed wordpress hosting

10 years. That’s about how long I’ve been working with WordPress sites. It’s grown from a simple blogging platform, so a fully fledged content management system that most use for their website needs, regardless of how they use it. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re currently researching WordPress hosting. Let me make it very simple for you. Stop. This blog post can end any questions you have about who to choose for your managed WordPress hosting. It’s WPEngine. By a

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Anatomy Of A Blog Redesign: Meet The Standard WordPress Theme

I have to admit, I’m a WordPress theme junkie.  I’m fascinated with the art of blog design, and I often find myself spending too much time browsing some of the industry leading WordPress theme sites.  My personal favorite site these days is certainly Themeforest as they have a tremendous variety of themes available. I’m also guilty of growing bored with my theme design on about a yearly basis.  But rightfully so I believe.  Last year I paid a pretty penny

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Klout Adds WordPress But Not For Self Hosted Blogs?

A few weeks ago I noticed that Klout had added the WordPress button to the available channels to connect to which was encouraging. Quite frankly I think those that write successful blogs carry more influence then just about anyone in the social media sphere, so a welcome addition. But not so fast. Apparently the new addition only covers hosted blogs and not self hosted blogs. Why does this matter?  Anyone that goes to the trouble of self hosting a

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The How & Why I Re-Designed My Blog

For months I wanted to have my blog re-done, but I could never justify spending that much on something that quite frankly, didn’t really make me any money.  Great design costs quite a bit, and I just never felt my blog design was a high enough priority.  Of course I could go the free or premium theme route, but these days, they are all really looking quite the same and if I was going to change things up, I really wanted

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What I’ve Learned About Blogging Based On A Year’s Worth Of Data

I didn’t really get serious about blogging until the past year, and even then, I haven’t written as much as I would like.  Like many bloggers, I’ve gone in and out of writing, and that doesn’t help with maintaining a consistent flow of traffic to your blog.  At the end of the day, driving eyeballs to my blog isn’t really the ultimate goal, writing useful and appreciated content is.  But I like anyone loves to see people visit.  So I

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5 Steps To A Professional Grade Blog On A Budget

While there are quite a few “free” options when it comes to starting a blog, sometimes you want a little more then what they can offer, especially if you are wanting to get serious about building a professional grade blog.  The great news is that these days, even a great looking, unique blog doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. WordPress has changed the game and opened up the door giving the potential for anyone to create and

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