Is YouTube Part Of Your Social Media Strategy?

YouTube just turned 6 today and they released some staggering statistics (source link): -3 billion views per day (up 50% in the past 12 months) -48 hours of video are uploaded every single minute (100% increase year over year) -142.7 million unique viewers per month So the question you have to ask yourself is, are you using YouTube as part of your overall marketing or blogging strategy?  Surprisingly most are not, present company included. Don’t get me wrong, I think

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Video: Toshiba Netbook NB205 Review

I finally got around to start video blogging.  What better way then to review one of my new favorite gadgets, the Toshiba Netbook NB205.  Enjoy! First time around so be gentle. I’m hoping to make this a 2-3 times per month thing, but who knows. I’ve had the machine for about a week or so and I have to say it’s definitely impressive for a netbook. If you’re in the market or considering, have a watch as I’m sure it

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