MoviePass – Industry Disruption At It’s Best

Yesterday I stumbled across what seemed to be a too good to be true deal. $9.95/month for unlimited movies in theaters (up to 1x per day), useable at all major theatre chains (which covers 91% of US based theaters). MoviePass has been around for awhile offering consumers a similar deal, but closer to $30-$50/month which can still be a good deal for movie going enthusiasts. But at $9.95/month, it’s downright a steal. My skepticism certainly kicked in, but felt it was

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5 80s Movies That Absolutely Needed A Sequel

It’s no secret I’m a child and fan of the 80s. I love just about everything that came out of that decade, and if given the option to go back in some sort of afterlife, that’s my first stop. Movies are a funny thing. Most of us have ones that we absolutely love…especially ones we grew up with, but often are not as embraced as much from a new era. Being a lover of all things 80s AND movies, I

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