5 Things I Did That Finally Worked With Weight Loss


I’ve punished my body. I know I have. 40+ years of shoving god knows what in my mouth hole was certainly going to catch up with me at some point right? Weight loss was never an issue for me. Growing up I was pretty much a skinny kid with a mutant metabolism. I literally would burn more calories then I would consume just from the motion of eating. But just like anything with old age, that changes quickly when you get north of 40. Even then, I was never really that motivated to change my diet. Why should I? Sure my belly¬†might look like I was a few months pregnant, but only in side view (note: don’t ever allow yourself to be photographed that way). Aside from that, you would never look at me and think “that dude is overweight”. So my shitty eating habits continued. I figured…hey…I’ll clean it up when my body gives me a reason to clean it up.

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