Facebook for Small Business Owners – 5 Killer Tips

facebook for small business owners

By now, most small business owners are well aware that using the social media can be crucial for getting your message out to the masses, and for engaging with your target audience to promote brand recognition and loyalty. Most are also probably aware of the fact that Facebook is the 800lb. gorilla when it comes to social media marketing, simply because it has more than 1.5 billion users who login on a daily basis. While many of the tips for

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Stock Photo Sites To Fuel Your Social Media Content

stock photo sites

Finding reliable stock photo sites with great images for all of your social media and content marketing needs can sometimes be quite the pain. Whether it’s finding images that relate specifically to your content, or you just want something that doesn’t scream STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY! Regardless, it goes without saying that every post you make on social media should not be without a visual to go along with it. Not convinced? Check out these stats: Posts with images produce 650% higher engagement

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Are Marketing Conferences Worth It?

Over the past 20 years I’ve attended my fair share of marketing conferences. Big ones, small ones, close ones, far away ones. Every one of them share much of the same experiences, but also their own differences, which usually end up being the reason attending one vs. another is worth it. Here are 5 reasons why I think attending marketing conferences are worth it: You’ll learn something. No matter what your level of experience or expertise, no one knows everything,

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Socialistics & The Miracle League

Do you believe in miracles? A few weeks ago I had a very influential experience at my son’s little league game, and I’ll let the video below tell the story. Just know that Socialistics is partnering with The Miracle League, a non-profit organization providing opportunities for children with disabilities to play baseball, to raise money for this incredible cause. For every like on our Facebook page and/or follow on our LinkedIn page through June 8th, we’re donating a $1 to the

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Experiential Marketing: What Retail Needs To Stay Alive

I remember growing up as a kid and how exciting it would be to walk into a Toys-R-Us and the onslaught of every toy imaginable. Of course this was the 80s, and outside of television commercials, it was the only way to know what was out there. Sadly, like many other victims of the Amazon takeover, our old friend is dying a slow death: Toys “R” Us Inc said on Tuesday it will shut about one-fifth of its stores in

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iPhone X Review: The Good, The Bad, The Eh

Before I dive into my iPhone X Review, a little context. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about phones these days is that for some reason, people get really worked up about them. Just take this little gem of a Facebook post. Take a look at some of the comments: Yes, for some reason, people love to bash on others for their choices in phone technology? Me? I don’t really get it. I was a PC guy for years until

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