About Me


Ah yes…the about me page. My opportunity to stroke my ego with all the important things that make me so damn interesting that you took the time to check out my about me page. Well sorry to disappoint, but I’m just a regular guy really, not all that much different then most I would imagine. But since you asked (and by asked I mean clicked on this page), here’s my story. Grew up in the suburbs of Chicago…single mom, younger brother. Spent most of my time playing baseball with the neighborhood kids back when going outside was something kids did. Of course I played my fair share of Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Went to school at Illinois State University where it’s a miracle I ever got a degree considering how little class I went to. I got my smarts outside the class, running businesses and learning about the web back in the mid 90s.

After figuring out a Communications degree was my fastest path out of school, I passed Go, collected my $200 (or degree), and headed out into the big bad world of marketing. Got married, got 2 boys and bounced around a few jobs, some by choice, most not. Coached lots of sports including high school volleyball and thought teaching was my path. $20,000 later and a Masters degree and I figured out it wasn’t. So I packed up my bags and took the family to Seattle to work for Microsoft leading search marketing team, and eventually social media efforts for Microsoft Advertising. Fell in love with Apple products, so it was time for me to go and landed into agency life in Seattle proper. 5 years of leading multi-million dollar marketing/creative teams for products and services I could care less about was enough.

Now, life has finally hit the sweet sport for me I think. New love, happy, healthy kids, and a terrific gig as Director of Marketing at SportsArt, a fitness equipment company where I finally actually give a shit about the stuff I’m marketing. My blog has traditionally been a place where I’ve talked about digital marketing, technology, life hacks and relationships. But really, it’s just stuff that motivates me enough to write about.

So if any of that sticks with ya, would love for you to subscribe. I promise it will be worth it.