About Me


Yep. I’m that dude up there making an ass out of myself. For awhile, I made a good living doing that. Then I got all serious and became a “Senior VP” at Strategies 360 and had to put on my big boy pants. It was a good gig, good people, but like just about anything in life, it was time to move on. This time around however I decided that I needed to go all in on doing my own thing. The reality is, I’m one of those guys that always needs to build, create, see things actually happen. I like to have control over my fate. Therefore, I built Studio 9. So far so good.

Before S360, I did a tour at Microsoft for 5 years. It was awesome. My time was split between Microsoft Advertising, Mac Office and Microsoft Office managing search marketing, social media, and teams as big as 25 people. It was a career changer for me, and while I’ve evolved into a Mac user, I’ll always have a soft spot for the time I spent at Microsoft. Great place to work.

I have 18 years of digital marketing experience, and if you’ve read this far, perhaps you own a company or are a decision maker at larger one? If so, shoot me an email, or give me a call. No charge.

In my free time, I still play baseball (no not softball), volleyball, and painfully cheer for the Cubs. I eat meat, not vegetables, and have a strong aversion to wet bread. 2 amazing boys that are better than me that keep me young, and this blog where I try to tell it like it is.


Previous Accolades:

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